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HSN Celebrates International Women’s Day

HSN Celebrates International Women’s Day

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Photo of Helly

Helly Desai, an Information Technologist in the IT Customer Services department at HSN, was drawn to her field for its ever changing nature.

“Working in the IT/Tech industry is never boring, as there is always something new to learn and discover. When I first entered this field, I was unaware of the gender stereotypes and biases that women often face in the industry.

However, after experiencing it firsthand in other roles, I realized it would be a challenging journey ahead.

Fortunately, I work with a wonderful group of colleagues at HSN who have never underestimated me or denied me any opportunities.

They have recognized that while I may not possess the same physical strength as some of my male colleagues, I make up for it with my skills and knowledge.

I hope that everyone in the tech industry can view women with the same perspective, recognizing the unique strengths and abilities that women bring to the table.”

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Photo of Drs. Stacey Santi, Debbie Saunders and Lacey Pitre

Dr. Stacey Santi, Research Chair of Cancer Solutions, was inspired to pursue her career by her various mentors.

“I have had many mentors over the course of my training, and every single person has had an impact on me. I work very closely with two of my mentors, Dr. Debbie Saunders and Dr. Lacey Pitre, Cancer Solutions Leads. They inspire me every day. Thanks to these brilliant women, cancer research here at our institute is led by strong female representation.

Embracing equity to me means working in a collaborative, interactive, and inclusive environment where every individual and every voice is valued.

My hope for young women in my field is to be passionate about their research and to recognize the value of their mentors. These are the relationships that help define the kind of person you will be in your career. My mentors have trained me to be a better scientist, have opened career doors, and provided me with opportunities. My hope is to be able to pay that forward for young scientists in my field.”

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Photo of Katie Morin

HSN Celebrates International Women’s Day

There are so many amazing women at HSN who are leading meaningful change in our community. I am inspired by what I see and am hopeful for the future.

In my work with the Autism Hub, I strive to make sure the youth in our community and their families have the resources that they need. I am passionate about this new role and thankful to the many brilliant women that I’ve worked with in my healthcare career who have lead me here. 

Every single day is an opportunity to make an impact with our actions, our words and our thoughts. It doesn’t matter where you are in this organization, each of us has an opportunity to lead and inspire others. 

- Katie Morin, Autism Hub Intake Lead

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