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Your Hospital Stay

Health Sciences North aims to provide the best possible care to our patients and their families during their stay at our hospital. The resources on this page are designed to help you prepare for your hospital stay, in order to make sure you and your loved one are as comfortable as possible. 


Registration is located just off the main lobby at the Ramsey Lake Health Centre. Please remember to bring your Ontario Health Card and pertinent insurance information with you when you go to register. 

During your admission, you will receive an identification bracelet to be worn at all times. Your identification bracelet is our means of identifying you for treatment, medications and emergency purposes. Please do not remove it from your wrist.


Your doctor will advise you when you may go home. Please make necessary transportation arrangements with a family member or friend. Ensure that you have all of your belongings and hospital cards, as well as aftercare instructions and prescriptions as needed. It is important that you understand all the instructions about your medications, diet, activity and return appointments. If you have any questions, a member of the health care team will assist you.

Patient Discharge Survey



  • Your Ontario Health Card with you
  • Your own toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap, shampoo, tissues, deodorant, razor and cream, comb and brush
  • Your own pajamas, a robe, and slippers
  • Any aids you use such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, hearing aids, dentures, and eyeglasses (be sure to have your name labeled on all of these items)
  • All current medications you are taking in their original containers

Please note that Health Sciences North does not take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged belongings or assistive devices. It is recognized that patients and visitors will have personal items, such as clothing, medications, and personal support aids, with them (e.g. eyeglasses, dentures, mobility aids, assistive devices etc.) however, the hospital will not assume responsibility for these items if they are damaged or go missing. Patients or visitors choosing to bring these items to the hospital do so at their own risk.


Ministry of Health policy permits hospitals to charge a co-payment fee for patients who require chronic care and are “more or less permanent residents of the hospital”. This includes patients who have been deemed “ALC” (alternate level of care) and are waiting in hospital for long-term care home placement. The co-payment fee changes annually and is not charged for patient’s care; it is intended to cover the cost of food and accommodation and is aligned with the co-payment fee charged to residents of long-term care homes. The co-payment fee can be reduced for low-income patients based on a formula outlined in the Ministry of Health’s policy. The maximum co-payment amount as of July 1, 2024 is $66.95 per day or $2,036.40 per month.  

Low-income patients or their families must apply to the hospital Finance department to determine if the patient is eligible for an income-based rate reduction. Please contact or call 705-523-7100 ext. 8105 or 8575. A recent CRA Notice of Assessment will be requested from the patient for the financial review.  

This information is for OHIP-insured patients only. Charges are higher for patients without OHIP coverage. Contact Finance with your details at or 705-523-7100 ext. 8105 or 8575 to understand the fees applicable to you.  


Billing costs not covered by OHIP

Your health card covers the cost of a standard ward room (4 or more beds). It covers numerous standard health services in Ontario, and most of your Ontario benefits are covered across Canada.

It does not, however, cover the total cost of the following:

  • The difference in cost between a semi-private or private room and the standard ward room;
  • Medical supplies such as boots, splints, crutches, walkers, etc.;
  •  Cosmetic and delisted procedures;
  •  Ambulance services;
  • Private duty nurses or sitters requested by the family.

Upon admission, patients have the opportunity to request a private or semi-private room. If this request is made, the patient is responsible for covering the costs not covered by the provincial health plan. If a request is made, the patient must present a complete insurance policy card (insurer’s name, group number, identification, division) and complete a Responsibility for Payment form.

It is essential for patients to know, understand, and verify the level of coverage they receive, if any, from private insurers. If you are not covered or only partially covered by a private insurer for semi-private or private rooms, HSN costs are as listed and are subject to change.

Note: the rates listed in the table below may be higher for non-residents.

Current Rates
$282 per day for a semi-private room
$325 per day for a private room
$45* for ambulance services
*$240 if patient is not covered with OHIP


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Finance Department at 705-523-7100 x 8105

If you have questions about your provincial health coverage, please call the Ontario Ministry of Health or visit the website. For clarification on personal coverage, please contact your place of employment or insurance provider.

Uninsured & Non-Resident Patients

Hospital visits without a valid Canadian public health card at the time of service (OHIP or your out-of-provincial/territorial health insurance plan or federal health plan) will result in a hospital bill for uninsured services.

If you are not covered by public health insurance in Canada (provincial/territorial or federal), you will be responsible for the costs associated with your stay. You may be required to pay a deposit or the full amount of your anticipated services at the time of registration. If you have private insurance coverage for the services received, you may be able to recover these costs from your private health insurer. Payment arrangements may be available by contacting the Billing & Accounts Receivable office at 705-523-7100, extension 8105 or


If your condition permits, you will receive a daily menu to refer to when choosing your meals (check with your nurse about specific meal times for your unit). Your healthcare provider, family or friends can help you fill this out. If you follow a special diet, please let us know when you arrive. If you would like to talk to a dietitian while you are here, let your healthcare provider know.


Entertainment and TV rental services are available right at the bedside, provided by HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions. Patients or their loved ones can complete the rental process anytime by visiting ConnectMyBed
ConnectMyBed is available 24/7 to also help answer questions related to local channel guides and request customer service assistance. 

Are you traveling from areas outside the City of Greater Sudbury to receive care at Health Sciences North and require a place to stay? For your convenience please refer to this list of hotels in Sudbury that offer discounted medical rates to patients and their families. 

When booking a hotel, do not forget to request a Medical Rate and inquire about whether proof of appointment is required. 


Health Sciences North is a teaching  hospital, affiliated with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Laurentian University, Cambrian College and Collège Boréal. During your visit to the hospital, you will be seen by a team of health care professionals, some of which may be in-training. Individuals in-training will identify themselves to you as learners or medical residents.

Working under the close supervision of hospital staff and attending physicians, they play an important role in the care and treatment of you and your family.

Do not hesitate to ask them any questions about their role in your care. If you have questions or concerns, please consult your physician.

 COVID-19 Information
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