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Media Room

HSN recognizes the media as an important partner in helping us enhance the public’s understanding of the hospital’s programs, services and facilities. 

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Being in hospital is a stressful time for our patients and their families. HSN’s first priority is to provide compassionate, quality care to our patients and support families during their time of need.  Patients and their families may not wish to have media involved and we ask that the media please respect their wishes.
  • The organization will make every effort possible to meet the deadlines set out by the media, however, our staff and experts may not be available in a given time frame. Staff and physicians have the right to refuse requests for interviews.

  • The first point of contact for all media-related activities and events is HSN’s Corporate Communications Department, even if these requests are initiated by the media or by a program, service or staff member at the hospital.  
  • HSN Media Contacts:
  • On weekends, after hours and during statutory holidays, our clinical and corporate offices are closed and medical experts are not available. Outside regular office hours, the hospital always has media relations staff on-call; however, this service is strictly reserved for emergencies.