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To our clients in Espanola:

Our local phone number has changed as of May 15, 2024. Please be sure to update your contacts.

You have options, and we're HERE to HELP!

Looking for mental health services?
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Looking for addictions services?
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Mental illness and addiction may be invisible to some but to those experiencing it, their reality is no different than someone suffering from a medical condition like heart disease or diabetes. Many will suffer in silence, unaware that helpful treatments are available.

You have options, we can help.

The Mental Health and Addictions Program of Health Sciences North, delivers community and hospital-based mental health and addictions services across the Sudbury, Manitoulin and East Algoma districts. Our dedicated staff provide a range of services including assessment, treatment, support and consultation. The goal is to ensure clients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

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We offer services at multiple locations. See a full list of our services and their site locations at Our Locations.

Phone: 705-523-7100

Crisis Helpline (24/7):
Sudbury Local: 705-675-4760
Toll Free: 877-841-1101