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Safe Beds Program 

The Safe Beds Program is a 24 hour, voluntary service that offers short-term residential support to those who are experiencing a mental health and/or addictions crisis. The goal is to help de-escalate and stabilize individuals from their initial crisis while connecting them with community partners for longer term recovery support.  

Safe Beds staff will work with clients to assess their physical, social and mental well-being, and provide a safe, secure environment to help manage addiction and/or mental health symptoms. This can include a temporary address, housing and related support services, care and support, as well as follow-up and referral to other services if required.  

The goal of the program is to work together to develop a plan to address crisis issues and initiate referrals to community supports such as mental health, addiction and court programs, as well as provide a plan for discharge.  

The Safe Beds Program has two components: 

  • Short-term Residential Crisis Support Beds 
    • These beds support up to a 7 day stay for anyone 16 years of age and over who is experiencing a mental health or addictions related crisis 
  • Mental Health and Justice Safe Beds 
    • These beds support up to a 30 day stay for anyone 16 years of age or over who have come into contact with the police or are at risk of being in conflict with the law. Access to these beds is for individuals with a mental health disorder (diagnosis not required) through a police referral. 


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