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Sean's Story

Stroke EVT

Sean's Story

Monday, March 13, 2023

Sean Gilroy’s life took an unexpected turn in late 2022 when he suffered a sudden stroke.

He was at risk of being permanently disabled or possibly dying.

But Sean was a candidate for a procedure introduced at HSN in February 2020 called endovascular thrombectomy or EVT, a specialized and time-sensitive treatment to remove a stroke-causing blood clot from a person’s brain.

EVT can be a life-changing treatment for many patients, who in some cases can return to normal living.

Sean’s life-saving care was possible thanks to the dedication and expertise of dozens of staff and physicians from over 15 departments at HSN including the Acute Stroke Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department, Medical Imaging, Intensive Rehabilitation Unit, and others. We are grateful for their dedication, and that of our regional partners, to providing quality care to the people of Northeastern Ontario.

This is Sean’s story.