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HSN’s Holly Sarvas and Alex Wood awarded with the Nurse Innovator Award!

HSN’s Holly Sarvas and Alex Wood awarded with the Nurse Innovator Award!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

HSN Simulation Lab staff members Holly Sarvas and Alex Wood have been presented with a $20,000 Nurse Innovator Award from the Registered Nurses' Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO) to support their project Creative Strategies for Nursing Knowledge Transfer in Northern Communities. The team will develop an online resource that supports nurses in remote and northern communities to help them further develop their skills and provide the best care possible for their patients.

“Our goal is to provide nurses with cost-efficient solutions so that they are able to practice their procedural-based skills from low resource outpost stations, or high resource tertiary care hospitals. We will be providing online resources such as videos, templates, and guides to assist nurses as they build their own procedural-based task trainers and tools. With Alex having worked in the North, being able to provide nurses with these resources to help them further develop their skills is important to our team. As nurses, the ability to practice our skills before working with patients is immeasurable, and this project will allow our colleagues to have that opportunity in their home or work communities.” – Holly Sarvas and Alex Wood

RNFOO is a charitable organization that provides financial support for nurses and nursing students in Ontario to further their nursing education or engage in research and innovation. Since 2019, over $200,000 has been invested into projects led by creative nurses committed to bringing positive change that will enhance nursing practice, nursing education, nursing work/life, and/or the patient experience from the nursing perspective.

Congratulations Holly and Alex!