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HSN Celebrates Psychology Month

HSN Celebrates Psychology Month

Friday, February 10, 2023

Often meeting people at their most vulnerable time, HSN’s psychological service providers work hard to support our patient’s recovery process.

“In the many years that I have worked in the hospital, I have learned so much from the people I have met along the way. During their most difficult times, I have seen people consistently pull on their courage, persistence and strength.” – Maria Kostakos, M.A.,C.Psych.Assoc.-Psychological Associate-Regional Eating Disorders Program

This team works alongside many other healthcare professionals in order to help people recover from mental health disorders, brain injury and chronic illness.  

“The work that I do as a Psychologist merges and connects with the work of my colleagues in other disciplines. It takes a whole team, including the client and their support people, for them to reach their full recovery potential and achieve their rehabilitation goals.” – Wendy Crowther-Rakochy, M.A., C. Psychologist- Outpatient Brain Injury

HSN psychological service providers take an individual approach to understanding mental health problems and the impacts of injuries and illness. It is like helping someone put a puzzle of symptoms together to understand thoughts, feelings and actions related to mental health problems.

“The journey from struggling with mental illness to having a better quality of life can be very difficult. Seeing clients challenge themselves to do hard things, challenging their perspective on themselves and others, or even becoming more mindful and kind to themselves and those around them, makes my job incredibly rewarding.” – Larry Dahmer, M.A., C.Psych.Assoc.-Psychological Associate-Mood and Anxiety Program

“I am one of many team members on Acute Inpatient Psychiatry who has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those living with psychosis. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis, an evidence-based treatment approach, I am able to help my patients manage symptoms such as hallucinations, thought disturbances and delusions which interfere with their everyday life.” - Psychologist, Acute Inpatient Psychiatry

All across the organization, psychological service providers are working hard to improve our patient’s quality of life. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the HSN psychological service provider team, please visit