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Integrated Chronic Pain Program 

The Integrated Chronic Pain Program is a multidisciplinary team that services the needs of adult patients living with chronic pain. There is programming for family members and caregivers of people living with chronic pain.   

The clinic is open to patients over the age of 18 through referrals by a primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner).   

The clinic sees patients with chronic pain conditions such as chronic neck, shoulder or back pain; whiplash injuries, fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injury, chronic regional pain syndrome, post stroke or central pain, neuropathic pain, and others.  Pain duration must be lasting longer than three months to and patient has not responded to other pain management therapies. 

The Integrated Chronic Pain programs serve all patients & families/caregivers leaving in Northeastern Ontario. This includes Sudbury, Manitoulin, Parry Sound, Nipissing area -  North Bay, Sturgeon, Temiskaming area - Kirkland Lake, Kapuskasing, Cochrane Districts - Timmins, Cochrane, Wawa,  Ste Marie, Elliot Lake, Blind River,, James Bay Coast, Muskoka, North Bay and Northern Ontario. 

We are a Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) OHIP-referral funded program. 

A referral form needs to be completed and sent by your doctor or nurse practitioner. 
The chronic pain team will review the referral form and determine if our services suit your condition.

If the referral is accepted:

  • A medical secretary will call you by phone, to confirm your acceptance into the clinic and schedule you for an intake assessment to help determine what services best suit your needs.  

  • Your doctor or nurse practitioner will  receive a letter by fax from the clinic confirming your acceptance into the program.

If the referral is not accepted: 

  • Your doctor or nurse practitioner will be made aware and we suggest you talk about other options with your doctor or nurse practitioner.


Our referral form is an electronically fillable form.  Please download the form, fill out electronically and email to or fax to 705-671-5678.  


  • Physical activity   
  • Coping techniques including mindfulness, meditation and relaxation  
  • Pacing and Planning 
  • Goal Setting   
  • Medication review and recommendations  
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Program: 6 week virtual workshop and family members are welcome too! 
    • Making an Action Plan  
    • Problem Solving; 
    • Exercises to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance.  
    • Fatigue management 
    • Depression Management 
    • Communication. Caregivers are welcome too! 

Upon active participation and successful completion of the core rehabilitation services, patients fitting specific criteria will reviewed by one of the partnering anesthetists for consideration for Interventional Pain Management and could be reviewed for time-limited interventions (nerve blocks).


  • Pain lasting more than 3 months. 

  • Pain that has not improved with other treatments. 

  • Pain that interferes with daily life, preventing you from doing the things you want and need to do. 

  • Pain that is hard on your self-esteem, making you feel angry, depressed, anxious and frustrated. 


  • I do not have an active WSIB or motor vehicle accident claim. 

  • I want to learn to cope with pain. 

  • I am comfortable participating in a group setting. 

  • I can commit to 30 minutes of daily practice of skills which I have learned during the program and will continue to. 


  • Anaesthetists 
  • Case Manager   
  • Occupational Therapist   
  • Pharmacist   
  • Physiotherapist  
  • Psychological Associate   
  • Recreation Therapist   
  • Registered Nurse  
  • Registered Social Worker (Masters-Prepared)
Contact Us

Health Sciences North 
Sudbury Outpatient Centre 
865 Regent St., S.  
Sudbury, ON P3E 3Y9 

Phone: 705-523-7100