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Oral Medicine

Your family dentist conducts a complete exam of your mouth whenever you get your teeth cleaned. This exam often includes X-rays, along with a visual and tactile exam of your teeth and mucosa. The dentist or physician may find one or more lesions in your mouth—or you may be experiencing head or neck pains with no related injury. Under such circumstances, your dentist may suggest you be referred to someone with expertise in oral medicine.

Oral medicine is a dental specialty drawing primarily on diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of mouth diseases, diagnoses and treatment of patients suffering from chronic facial pain and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs). A dentist with expertise in oral medicine may also advise a dental generalist on precautions to take in treating patients with complex medical conditions, patients who have undergone special therapies and those being treated for cancer.


Oral and maxillofacial pathology is the dental specialty concerned with the nature, clinical and microscopic diagnosis, management and primarily non-surgical treatment of oral disorders. At HSN, pathologists who are physicians conduct microscopic examinations of tissues taken from the mouth. These exams can identify the source of a lesion or disease, determine its prognosis and treat it accordingly. These results are relayed to the patient at HSN Dental by dentists experienced in Oral pathology to ensure your understand your oral condition and are treated appropriately.


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