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Frequently Asked Questions 

I will turn 15 during the school year; can I still apply to be a volunteer? 

You must at least be the age of 15 when you complete and hand in your application forms.

I am only interested in volunteering during the summer. Can I still apply even though I will not be able to commit 50 hours / 6 months?

Yes.  We have a Summer Program for volunteers. University and College students volunteer from May to September. High School students volunteer from June to August.  A Volunteer Services reference letter is still only provided after at least 50 hours of volunteering.  

I only need 40 hours for my required High School Community Service hours. Can I still apply? 

Yes. We encourage that you complete 50 hours of volunteering through our program.  


How soon after becoming a volunteer can I receive a Letter of Reference?

You may request a letter of reference after completing 50 hours of volunteer service.  

My friend and I would like to volunteer together. Is this possible?

We appreciate that volunteering with a friend is a fun thing to do.  If you are both selected, we cannot promise that you will assigned in the same position or shift.  We will aim to accommodate, if possible.  

I have professional qualifications, may I practice them as a volunteer?

Unfortunately, no.  Volunteers with health care experience must follow the boundaries of the volunteer role.   

May I shadow a doctor during the course of my volunteer opportunity?

Job shadowing, observerships or mentoring does not fall under the scope of volunteerism.  You may contact Academic Affairs at


Do I need a police check to volunteer?

Yes, all volunteer assignments need a police check. We will provide you more information at the interview once assigned a volunteer position. There is a cost for this.  

Once I hand in my application, how long do I have to wait to hear if I’m accepted?

Wait time ranges from a few weeks to a few months depending on the availability of positions. We will contact selected applicants for an interview by telephone or email.  


How long does it take before I can start volunteering?

The length of time between completing the interview and beginning your assignment varies. A police check and two-step Tuberculosis test each take approximately two weeks.  The length of time depends on how fast the applicant is able to get these documents.  

Can I volunteer wherever I want?

At the interview, we discuss your interests and preference. We will also consider your suitability and availability for the position.  

What is the Pre-Placement Immunization Form?

This is a medical form that provides information about your immunizations. We need that all immunizations are up to date. This includes : 

  • Chickenpox or Shingles 
  • Rubella,  
  • Red Measles  
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria 
  • Step 1 and 2 Tuberculosis tests  

Do I need to complete my Pre-Placement Immunization form before I hand in my application?

No. Volunteers can hand in their application before completing their Pre-Placement Immunization form. Volunteers cannot begin their assignment until this form is complete. We attach this form with the application to help speed up the process of volunteer placement.  


Are there any costs associated to obtaining my immunizations and testing? 

There is a cost related to obtaining your immunization status. Cost will vary depending where you choose to get information and testing. 


Is the Tuberculosis (TB) test mandatory?

Yes. The Health Sciences North policy requires you to have a two-step TB test. If you have had one in the past year, you will only need to provide documented proof of the test. Once a person receives a 2 step TB in their lifetime, to update this test, you will only have to repeat Step 2.  


From Occ Health response:  

Is the Tuberculosis (TB) test mandatory?

Yes. The Health Sciences North policy requires you to have TB testing completed.  

You can provide a recent 2 step TB test, or a previous 2 step record and an updated 1 step record.  

If a 2 step test has never been done, you can submit two single TB tests that have been completed within the past twelve months.   

Please note: If you have completed a two-step TB test, keep this information for your records, you will never need to repeat the two-step – but may be asked to update the 1 step.  


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