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Staying Overnight 

HSN has four inpatient surgical units. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians and others make up the health care team found on these units. We promote a teaching and learning environment. We support students across various health disciplines. Patients and families are also important members of this team. We work with community partners to make sure of positive post-op results.  

To prepare for your overnight stay with us: 

  • Talk with your family and friends ahead of time and choose one person to act as spokesperson on your behalf. Your spokesperson will get updates on your well-being and pass that along to the rest of your family.  

  • Plan for your ride home before coming in.  

  • Leave jewelry at home. We are not responsible for lost items.  

Things to Bring with you:  

  • Current medication list including name, dosage, and frequency taken. Include the name of your pharmacy and contact information. 

  •  Any assistive devices you use such as: hearing aids, glasses, dentures, walker or cane.  

  • Personal items such as: hairbrush, toothbrush, change of clothes, slippers, devices and chargers, headphones.  


Nurses and other health care providers will help in your recovery. We will start this with you shortly after your surgery. 

  • Understand and follow doctor’s instructions. Please ask questions if unsure.  

  • Activity is a big part of getting better. You will be sitting in a chair for meals and walking in the hallway beginning the first day after surgery.  

  • Participating in the recovery process is important to positive post op outcomes.  

You will receive teaching about your surgery and any changes to your health status such as: 

  • Diet adjustments 

  • Medications 

  • New equipment you may have for the short term or permanently 

  • Care of your incision 


Orthopedics and Neurology – 4 South Tower 

705-523-7100 x 4751 



Vascular, Thoracic and Urology – 7 North Tower 

705-523-7100 x 5455  



Surgical Short Stay Unit – 2 Center Tower 

705-523-7100 x 5621 


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