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Cataract Surgery

Patients having cataract surgery can get information about their procedure and how to properly prepare here.  All patients are asked to complete a Pre-Surgery Package prior to their procedure.  The Pre-Surgical Package can be found at the link below.  This is important information about your medications and health history that is required before your procedure can begin.  It is important to complete these documents found within the Pre-Surgical Package to ensue your visit runs smoothly.  Once complete these forms can be emailed to the PreAdmission Department or printed and brought in the day of your procedure.

You will receive a phone call up to the day before your surgery to ensure you received, read, understood and completed your Pre-Op documents.

Day of surgery

  • Please ensure you bring a small snack with you the day of your surgery.  You will be at the hospital for several hours.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes that can be easily pulled over your head with an eye patch.
  • Do NOT take any diabetic medication the morning of your procedure.
  • Bring your healthcard
  • Bring your completed Medication and Health History Forms unless you have received confirmation they have been properly emailed.

Cataract pre-surgical package

Please fill in the Health History/ Medical Review Form, print and bring it with you the morning of your procedure.  You can also send the form via email.  We will email you confirmation that we have received it.  If you are unable to complete the form online, a copy of the form will be provided to you to fill in the morning of your procedure.  So please have this information ready.  Please Note: this may cause delays with your procedure time. 

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