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About Pediatric Hospital Units

The NEO Kids and Family Program Pediatric Hospital Units at Health Sciences North are located on the 3rd floor of the Center Tower. Look for our treehouse themed entrance way with the bright pink door.

Our Pediatric Hospital Units include:

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): with 10 beds that care for infants born prematurely at 29+0 gestation and up, including sick infants requiring Intensive Care under 1 year of age.
  • General Pediatrics: a unit with 12 beds that cares for sick or injured children from birth to 17 years of age
  • Pediatric Critical Care Unit (PCCU): (Coming Soon) 2 beds with level 2 Intensive Care for children between 30 days to 17 years of age. The PCCU is located directly within the Pediatric Unit.

Child & Family-Centered Care

We encourage you to take part in the daily bedside rounds with your child’s medical team. These rounds are a great opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions and ensure that you are involved in the plan of care for your child.

If you are unable to stay with your child, we welcome you to call the unit at any time during the day or night. Please ask to speak to the nurse who is caring for your child by providing your child’s first and last name. You can call the unit at 705-523-7100, extension 4706.

To protect your child’s privacy and confidentiality, we will only give information to parents or legal guardians. Staff will not offer any information to extended family or any friends of the family.

If your child is on medications at home, please bring them with you in the original containers.

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Parents and caregivers are important members of the care team. Both Pediatrics and the PCCU offer a window bed/bench for caregivers to sleep and access to a small refrigerator for meals.

Doctors, residents and medical students rotate on a weekly basis. Depending on how long your child is here, you may meet a few during your stay.

Registered nurses and nursing students are an excellent resource if you have any questions.

On-site pharmacists help the team make the best decisions for your child’s medication, from dosing to drug interaction.

A variety of therapists, including respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists, may be involved in your child’s care.

Dietitians will work with staff to plan meals for your child’s hospital stay, if needed. They can help you with special dietary needs relating to your child’s treatment, religious beliefs, allergies, and personal preferences.

Social Workers:
Social workers can help you and your child cope with being in the hospital. You can request a social worker through your nurse or doctor.

Indigenous Navigators:
Navigators support patients and families by ensuring culturally appropriate support while accessing health care services. You can request an indigenous navigator through your nurse or doctor.

Other Members:
Your health care team may also include milk preparation staff and spiritual care resources.


The Ronald McDonald House Charites (RMHC) Toronto Family Room at Health Sciences North supports families with children in both the pediatric and neonatal units of the hospital. Although hours may vary, please check in with the Family Room team at the hospital to confirm hours of operation and available services. They can be reached by telephone at 705-523-7100, extension 7085.

The RMHC Family Room is located within the Pediatric Unit. It features a fireplace lounge with a TV, a kitchenette with complimentary snacks and refreshments and respite areas with private sleeping pods.


Pediatrics is a locked unit with a “buzzer” system for entry. Guests will be asked to identify themselves and who they will be visiting prior to entering the unit.

All children under the age of three (3) years will wear a security bracelet (“HUGS” tag) around their ankle or wrist. These bracelets will trigger an alarm and lock the unit doors if a child comes close to the exits (where you see yellow caution tape on the floor), or if the strap or tag is tampered with in any way.

Please do not adjust or try to remove the bracelet without first speaking to the nurse caring for your child.

Your child will also be wearing an armband on one wrist. Please make sure that your child’s armband has the correct name and information. Please also feel comfortable to alert staff if you see them starting a procedure or giving medication without first checking your child’s armband, or if the armband has been removed.

Contact Us

Lever 3, Center Tower
Health Sciences North
Ramsey Lake Health Centre
41 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, Ontario, P3E 5J1

Phone: 705-523-7100
Ask for the NICU, Pediatric, or PCCU unit.

Hours:  24/7

Visitor Information

Parents/guardians may remain with their child at all times.

If staying overnight, you will be encouraged to rest on the bed/ bench next to the window. Siblings are not permitted to stay. Please check with your nurse for any specific visiting restrictions for your child.

Feeling unwell?
Do not visit if you have any of the following symptoms: a cold or runny nose; recent exposure to someone with chicken pox, measles or the flu; vomiting; diarrhea; fever.