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Withdrawal Management Services (WMS)

Withdrawal Management Services (WMS) is a 24 hour, 19 bed program offering detox services for males and females 16 years of age and older who are under the influence of, or in acute withdrawal from, alcohol or other substances.

Our team is here to help support your physical and emotional needs with the goal of helping you create positive lifestyle changes to support your recovery process. Referrals for treatment can be made or information can be provided about other services and residential treatment. Support group meetings are available. 


Mobile Withdrawal Management Services (MWMS)

The MWMS provides support to anyone 16 years of age or over who wants to withdraw from a substance(s), or reduce their use, and can’t attend in-person services. Substances can include alcohol, opioids, or other Drugs (cannabis, benzos, etc.)

For MWMS you will be met where you are located, such as in your home, the home of a family member or another safe place. Our team, will work with you to help you decrease or withdraw from the substance or substances you are using. 

The goal is to provide services to clients who cannot access services due to stigma, family responsibilities, transportation or other.

Clients need to be medically and psychiatrically stable with no anticipated severe withdrawals. Clients must have a safe environment free of substances and the help of a dedicated support person, to assist them throughout their recovery.

We offer a number of services to help you:  

Withdrawal Management Services (WMS) 

  • Observation during acute intoxication 
  • Withdrawal support
  • Education on substance use 
  • Education on Harm Reduction
  • Education on withdrawals
  • On-site support from Addictions Workers 

Mobile Withdrawal Management Services (MWMS)

  • Withdrawal Support
  • Medication tapering/management
  • Education on substance use
  • Education on withdrawals 
  • Education on Harm Reduction
  • Family support

You will also be referred to other programs in the community for continued support for withdrawals and cravings. 

These programs can assist with medication management, counselling, and other addiction recovery services. 

The goal of WMS and MWMS is to help you with your initial withdrawal from substances and provide access to community resources to ensure ongoing treatment and recovery following withdrawal management.


Withdrawal Management Services (WMS)

The centre is open 24/7 to provide an environment free from substance use.  Individuals receive supportive care to help them through their withdrawal symptoms and the withdrawal process. Individuals must be conscious and medically stable to enter the facility.

Tapering protocols to manage withdrawal symptoms may be initiated in co-operation with the individual’s own physician or with support from our Nurse Practitioner.

During the detoxification period, information is provided to individuals about outpatient and residential drug and alcohol assessment and treatment processes, and referrals for treatment can be facilitated.

Mobile Withdrawal Management Services (MWMS)

MWMS is a brief stabilization service to help you through the acute, or immediate, phase of your withdrawal.

You will be provided with education about substance use/misuse, cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

There is a focus on preventing relapse and supporting setting goals.

This mobile service helps those that cannot seek treatment in a traditional setting due to:

  • stigma/labelling
  • childcare/family responsibilities
  • difficultly accessing transportation
  • lack of privacy
  • fear of institution

Our team will work with you to develop a plan that best meets your needs and strengths while involving family members, care providers and community agencies.

Contact Us

Health Sciences North
Ramsey Lake Health Centre
336 Pine Street
Sudbury, Ontario, P3C 1X8

Sudbury: 705-523-7100

  • WMS: ext. 1870
  • MWMS: ext. 1829

Toll-free: 1-866-469-0822

Hours of Operation

  • WMS: 24/7
  • MWMS: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.