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Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging (PET/CT) 

The Nuclear Medicine/ Molecular imaging (PET/CT) Department takes pictures of inside the body using special cameras and safe doses of radioactive materials. Depending on the test your doctor orders, you may swallow, inhale or get a needle of the radioactive material. Once the material is in the body, it goes to specific organs and is seen by the special cameras. These pictures are then looked at by our nuclear medicine doctor who sends a report of the pictures to your doctor who ordered the test. 
When your doctor orders a nuclear medicine test, a booking clerk will call you with more information and instructions to prepare for your test. The tests vary in time and preparation (between 2-4 hours).

Brain Scans, Gallbladder (HIDA) Scans, GI Bleed Scans, RBC Liver, Liver/Spleen scans, Heat Damaged RBC scans, Meckel’s Scans, Bone Scans, Salivary Gland Studies, Bone Marrow Imaging, WBC scans, Testicular Scans, Sentinel Node Scans, MUGA scans, Parathyroid Scans, Thyroid Uptake and Scans, I-131 thyroid therapy, V/Q Lung Scans, and different types of Renal Scans. 

PET/CT oncology indications at this time. 


Patient preparations:

  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight prior to the test: Gastric emptying (GET) Gastric Reflux; Meckel’s Scan: HIDA Scan (no pain medication for 12 hours prior to test) 
  • BMD: Bring a list of all medications and vitamin supplements that you take daily. No calcium supplements should be taken within 48 hours of exam. 
  • Renal Scans: (all types) – Drink plenty of fluids 2 hours prior to the test. No caffeine (coffee, tea, pop, chocolate milk) the morning of the test. Full bladder NOT required. 

All scans not mentioned above require no preparation. 


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