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When to Arrive 

Please arrive 1 hour before your appointment or earlier if told to. This may seem early but it allows for bloodwork or other testing to be done before seeing the doctor. It can help to take notes when seeing the doctor. This will help you recall information about your treatment. 

  • All your drugs in their original containers, including those that you inhale or inject.  This includes any natural, or herbal medicines that you are using. Please refer to Bring Your List of Medicine page for more information.   
  • Your health card. 
  • A family member or a friend to support you during your appointment is a good idea. 
  • A list of questions to discuss with your Oncologist on the day of your first appointment. 
  • Money for parking. Please refer to Parking page for more information. 

When you arrive at the NECC for your first visit, please go to the Reception Desk. One of our volunteers will give you a form to complete and direct you to the registration area. 

Once you have registered, a volunteer will guide you in completing an on-line questionnaire called Your Symptoms Matter. You will then be seated in the waiting area until your health care team is ready to see you. 


If you need any help getting to your cancer related appointments, please call and ask to speak with one of our Social Workers at the Supportive Care Program at 1-877-228-1822 x 2175.

We also have an Indigenous Navigator who can provide support to First Nation, Inuit, and Metis patients and families for help getting to their appointments at the Northeast Cancer Centre. 

Contact Us

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