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Social Work

People have many different reactions to a cancer diagnosis. You or your family member may experience shock, fear, hopelessness, depression, or loneliness...possibly all in combination.

Patients and families may have other worries too, such as employment and financial concerns, how to pay for required drugs, places to stay during the treatment time, home care, childcare and transportation.

Our Social Workers can help you complete forms and applications (funding, housing, insurance benefits, etc.), plan appropriate home support services and provide counselling and follow-up.

Counselling is also available to help individuals and families cope with the emotional aspects of cancer; including grief and bereavement interventions.

This service is available to cancer patients, as well as, their immediate family members.

Referrals can be made by any of your health care team members or you can call to refer yourself.

Registration for classes is needed. Please give us a call to register.

Most services are available in French and English and can be available in the comfort of your own home by telephone and virtual visits. Our team respects diversity.


I feel:
  • Anxious or worried about cancer and my treatment
  • Depressed or discouraged
  • Irritable or unusually angry
  • My sleeping habits have changed
  • My appetite has changed
  • I have difficulty concentrating at work, at home, or on routine things like reading the newspaper
  • Cancer and its treatment interfere with my daily activities
  • Cancer and its treatment interfere with my family and social life
  • Cancer and its treatment have interfered with my sexual life
  • Pain or discomfort has caused me to limit my activities
  • Cancer has caused physical, emotional, or financial hardship for me
  • Cancer or its treatment has caused changes in my physical appearance and this concerns me
  • I have difficulty coping with the stress I have been experiencing
  • Thoughts about values/priorities/ spirituality are changing
If you agree with one or more of the above statements and you are having difficulty dealing with your situation on your own, you may wish to pursue counselling.
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