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Cancer Care Physiotherapy Program

In the physiotherapy (PT) program, our patients are able to meet with registered physiotherapists (PTs) who have done  training in cancer and lymphedema (lymphedema is swelling to an area of the body caused by damage to the lymph drainage system typically from cancer surgeries or radiation treatment). Our program uses exercise, hands on care, and education to help our patients with reaching their goals and managing their physical health at home. 

Patients can see a PT either by phoning to book an assessment or by referral from any of their health care team to our program.

The PTs can help care for physical issues that are caused by cancer and its treatment. This might include care for lymphedema, changes from surgery, exercise to help a patient who cannot move as well as they used to, muscle weakness, fatigue, and to stop/avoid falls.

Our PTs may help get funding for compression sleeves and walkers/wheel chairs through the Assistive Devices Program for patients who qualify.

The PT program also offers group teaching sessions about breast cancer, lymphedema, and cancer related fatigue.


Physiotherapy services may be provided face to face, by telephone, or virtually where appropriate.
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