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Northeastern Ontario Medical Genetics Program

Located at the Sudbury Outpatient Centre of Health Sciences North, the Northeastern Ontario Medical Genetics Program includes a team of Medical Geneticists, Genetic Counsellors, Genetic Assistants, and support staff. We see individuals and families from across Northeastern Ontario for medical genetic assessment and genetic counselling for a wide variety of health care-related genetic concerns.

Medical Geneticists are physicians with specialized training in the diagnosis and medical management of genetic conditions.

Genetic Counsellors are health care professionals who provide patients and their families with up-to-date, accurate information and support to understand and adapt to a personal or family history of a genetic condition.

Genetic Assistants support the work of Geneticists and Genetic Counsellors.

Together, we can help you to make informed medical and personal decisions to improve your health care. We can also be a resource for your health care provider.


As a general genetics clinic, we provide genetic assessment and counselling related to:

  • Adult genetics
  • Hereditary cancer genetics
  • Pediatric genetics
  • Prenatal genetics

We require a referral from a physician, midwife or nurse practitioner. Appointments with our services may be in-person, via videoconference, or telephone (for some referrals, an in-person appointment is required, and we are able to provide a Northern Health Travel Grant).

We also provide information and education to other health care professionals, medical learners, and the general public.


  • You will meet with a genetic counsellor and/or a geneticist (physician). Sometimes, you may meet with a genetic assistant for your first appointment.
  • Your medical history and family medical history will be collected and analyzed so that we can understand your concerns and provide you with accurate information.
  • A physical exam may or may not be performed.
  • Genetic testing is available for some conditions, and may or may not be offered during the course of a genetic assessment. Once this testing is explained, you can then decide whether you wish to proceed with genetic testing or not. Genetic testing usually involves a blood test, and there is no cost to you for genetic testing arranged through our program.
  • You and/or your family may be diagnosed with a specific genetic condition. This could happen to anyone, including infants, children, adolescents, or adults. This can also happen during a pregnancy. As relevant, you will be given information about what this diagnosis means for you and/or other members of your family.
  • Sometimes, it may be most appropriate for a genetic assessment to start with a different family member.

  • Plan for the management of your health care needs.
  • Obtain referral(s) to other specialists when appropriate.
  • Find appropriate community and/or online resources and support groups.

Wondering about a referral to our program? Your health care provider can help you determine if a referral is appropriate.


Contact Us

Northeastern Ontario Medical Genetics Program
Health Sciences North
Sudbury Outpatient Centre
865 Regent Street South
Sudbury Ontario, P3E 3Y9

Phone: 705-675-4786

Hours: 8:00 am –  4:00pm (closed between 12pm and 1pm)

Paid Parking – $10.00 daily maximum
Limited Meter Parking
Accessible Parking Spaces