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Local Transportation Options

The following options might be helpful to patients who live in the Greater City of Sudbury area to get to their appointments at the Northeast Cancer Centre.

If you are in need of help getting a ride to your appointments at the Northeast Cancer Centre please contact the Supportive Care Program to speak with one of our social workers. 

WarningThe following information may change. Please call the specific ride program for up to date information.

The Canadian Red Cross provides rides for seniors in their community. However, they

  • Must not be living in a Long Term Care facility.
  • Must be able to get in and out of the vehicle by themselves, or they can bring somebody to help them.
  • Are not able to use the bus and are not able to drive.

The cost depends on how far you have to travel. 

This service may not be available during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information please visit the Sudbury Canadian Red Cross branch website or call 705- 674-0737.


Helps seniors with rides to and from appointments across the Greater City of Sudbury. 

Goshenite will provide door-to-door ride service if you are a senior living independently in your own home within the Greater City of Sudbury area including:

  • Val Caron
  • Coniston
  • Val Therese
  • Wahnapitea
  • Hanmer
  • Azilda
  • Skead
  • Chelmsford
  • Garson
  • Onaping

The cost depends on how far you have to travel.

A 5 minute telephone assessment is needed to register for this service.

For more information:


GOVA is the Greater City of Sudbury local bus system.

Check to see how much it costs for a bus ride and bus passes.

Check the GOVA Trip Planner to find out what bus(es) you need to take to get to the NECC.


GOVA Plus (Handi-Transit) are accessible buses that provide rides to people who are not able to ride the city bus. 

GOVA Plus can pick you up where you live and drop you off at your destination.

To use GOVA Plus you must first finish an application online or by calling 705-675-3333.

You must book your GOVA Plus ride in advance.

Check to see how much it costs for a bus ride and passes


Lockerby Taxi is offering a flat rate to patients travelling from hotels to the NECC.

Please call Lockerby Taxi at 705-522-2222 to find out the cost of a taxi from your hotel. Please mention the NECC flat rate when booking your taxi.


NIHB covers travel, accommodations, and meals for status First Nations and Inuit patients and their required escort.

Contact the Supportive Care Program and speak to the Indigenous Navigator for more information.

Phone: 705-522-6237 ext. 2175
Toll Free: 1-877-228-1822 ext. 2175


If you are getting ODSP or OW talk to your worker about coverage for the cost of traveling to medical appointments. 

For more information:


Unfortunately, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Wheels of Hope volunteer driver program has been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There may be travel funds available to those who qualify. Please call 1-800-263-6750 or visit the Canadian Cancer Society’s website for more information.

COVID-19 Information
Check out our COVID-19 page for more information and to book a test.
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