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Research Services Office 

The Research Services Office (RSO) at Health Sciences North Research Institute helps connect researchers with clinical trial sponsors, funding agencies, industry and government. The RSO promotes and facilitates partnerships between HSNRI, other research organizations and research partners and stakeholders. Basic research, academic research, investigator-driven, and industry-sponsored research needs allow the RSO to support HSNRI’s innovative research initiatives.

The Research Services Office provides advice and administrative support to attract, implement, and manage clinical trials. The RSO processes operating and personnel grants, manages research resources and administers the ethics review process for medical research involving human and animal subjects. The RSO provides consistent and seamless support to researchers regarding all research administration-related matters.

Services include:

  • Protocol/proposal development

  • Regulatory affairs support

  • Single and multi-site project management

  • Pre-clinical consultation

  • Post-clinical reporting

  • Contract review

  • Research ethics board coordination

  • Support services for research grants and contracts

  • Identification of funding opportunities

  • Distribution of research notices about upcoming funding opportunities

  • Liaise with research funders

  • Provide grant and information sessions

  • Track ethics, animal care and biohazard compliance approvals