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Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education is often called ‘Co-op’. It is a partnership between HSN Volunteer Services and the school boards.

We oversee the placement of secondary school students interested in the medical field. The goal is to integrate classroom instruction with practical experience in the hospital setting.

It is also an opportunity to observe and interact with patients, families and HSN staff.

Please note:

  • Placements are not clinical or medical in application or nature
  • Students will not perform or practice the duties and responsibilities of healthcare personnel.

The Cooperative Education program aims to:

  • Develop essential knowledge, skills and attitudes for professional enhancement.
  • Integrate and apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom.
  • Enhance the student’s academic program and maximize their growth and development.
  • Explore career choices.
  • Encourage the student to pursue their post-secondary education.
  • Earn credits towards a secondary school diploma or certificate.

Step 1
A prospective student must first be pre-screened by their secondary school Co-op teacher.

Step 2
HSN Volunteer Services selects pre-screened students and interview them for suitability.

Step 3
Volunteer Services assigns a role within HSN to successful candidates.

Step 4
Students attend a mandatory General Orientation session, conducted by Volunteer Services. The Orientation provides important information about working in a hospital environment.

Step 5
Students complete a training session for the specific unit they will be working in.

Step 6
Start your Co-op! Keep in mind all guidelines, policies, procedures and regulations of the placement.

Step 7
The Volunteer Advisor and teacher will arrange regular evaluations throughout the placement.


Mandatory HSN Co-op Forms 

Teachers must contact Volunteer Services to obtain the Co-op application and Teacher Reference Form via email at For additional information, please call 705-523-7179.

Teachers must submit the following documents completed by their students:

  1. Co-op application form signed by the student and a parent/guardian.
  2. Student’s resume.
  3. Request letter from the student, indicating their reason for choosing HSN for placement.
  4. Two (2) confidential Teacher References.

A coop student, after being selected must:

  • Complete the Volunteer Pre-Placement Immunization form. This ensures all immunizations and Tuberculosis tests are up-to-date as per Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) guidelines.
  • Disclose their immunization against the flu. Flu vaccine is not mandatory, yet particularly recommended during the flu season.
  • Sign a self-declaration form attesting they have no criminal record.
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