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Medical Advisory Committee

Department Chief of Department Service Head of Service
Chief of Staff Dr. John Fenton    
Chief of Anesthesia Dr. Jeffrey Sloan    
Chief of Critical Care Dr. Kyle McKechnie    
Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Rob Lepage    
Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology Dr. Jennifer Jocko Head of Midwifery Shelley-Ann Clarke-Dolby
Chief of Pediatrics  Dr. Gautam Kumar    
Chief of Family Medicine & Hospitalists  Dr. Tajana Centis Head of Hospitalists Dr. Jennifer Zymantas
Chief of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Dr. Rebecca McClure    
Chief of Medical Imaging Dr. Heidi Schmidt Head of Nuclear Medicine Dr. Tom Carr
Chief of Medicine Dr. Lisa Falvo

Head of Nephrology

Head of Rehabilitation

Dr. Richard Goluch

Dr. Anthony Graham

Chief of Oncology  Dr. Ryan Carlson

Head of Medical Oncology

Head of Radiation Oncology

Dr. Jordan Herst

Dr. Andrew Pearce

Chief of Psychiatry Dr. Elendu Okoronkwo Head of Child Psychiatry

Dr. Angelita Sanchez

Dr. Peter Ajueze

Chief of General Surgery Dr. Pankaj Bhatia    
Chief of Surgical Subspecialties Dr. Ryan DeMarchi 

Head of Cardiovascular Surgery

Head of Neurosurgery

Head of Orthopaedics

Head of Ophthalmology

Head of Plastic Surgery

Head of Otorhinolaryngology

Head of Urology

Head of Thoracic Surgery

Head of Vascular Surgery 

Head of Dentistry

Dr. Avinash Garg

Dr. Ryan DeMarchi

Dr. Stan Tubin

Dr. Kevin Lee

Dr. Andre De Greef

Dr. Christopher Szeto

Dr. Solieman Bilgasem

Dr. Shona Smith

Dr. Rodney Willoughby

Dr. Peter Villa

Medical Staff Executive

President of the Medical Staff: Dr. Stephen Morris

Vice-President of Medical Staff: Dr. Dominique Ansell

Treasurer of the Medical Staff​: Dr. Sanjiv Mathur

Regularly attend MAC meetings Medical Program Directors
Chief of Staff Dr. S. Vokey, Medical Director, Surgical Program
Chiefs of Departments Dr. M. Henderson, Medical Director, Cardiology & Medicine Program
President of Medical Staff Dr. R. Koka, Medical Director, Mental Health Program 
Vice President of Medical Staff Dr. S. Murray, Medical Director, Family/Child Program
Secretary Treasurer of Medical Staff Dr. R. Lepage, Medical Director, Emergency Care Program 
Chief Executive Officer Dr. Heidi Schmidt, Medical Director, Medical Imaging Program
Vice President, Chief Nursing Executive

Dr. Kona Williams, Medical Director, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology

Dr. Josée Theriault, Medical Director of Critical Care

Dr. Roger Sandre, Medical Director of Infection Control and Prevention

Dr. Jo-Anne Clarke, Medical Director, Northeast Specialized Geriatric Care

Senior Management
President and CEO Dominic Giroux
Senior Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer Max Liedke
Senior Vice-President, Patient Experience and Digital Transformation Mark Hartman
Vice President & Chief Nursing Executive Julie Trpkovski
Vice President, People Relations & Corporate Affairs Jennifer Witty
Regional Vice President, Cancer Care & Vice President, Social Accountability Dr. Natalie Aubin
Vice President, Academic and Research Impact Dr. Greg Ross
Associate Vice President, Clinical Services Kelli-Ann Lemieux
President and Chief Development Officer, Foundations & Volunteer Group Anthony Keating