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Picture of Dr. Sanjiv Mathur

Dr. Sanjiv Mathur

Dr. Sanjiv Mathur is an Anesthesiologist at Health Sciences North and an Assistant Professor at NOSM University. His research interests include cardioprotection and environmental medicine. He is an invited speaker and lecturer on the environmental impact of medicine. He is on the founding Board of the Canadian Anesthesiologist Society, Environmental Sustainability chapter, and on the Ontario Anesthesiologists Environmental Sustainability Working Group. Dr. Mathur is a Board Member of Citizens Climate Lobby Canada. He has served as the president of the Sudbury and District Medical Society and as a Member of Ontario Medical Association (OMA) Council serving as a delegate for Northern Ontario. At the OMA, Dr. Mathur participated in the Medical Assistance in Dying file and is the lead physician providing this service within HSN. Dr. Mathur was the co-founder and co-director of the Acute Pain Service at HSN, focusing on peri-operative analgesia and safety. Dr. Mathur founded the Blood Conservation Program at HSN and has sat on the Boards of the Ontario Blood Advisory Committee and the Ontario Nurse Transfusion Committee. He is the chair of the Transfusion Committee at HSN.

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