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Patient Quality

The Excellent Care for All Act 2010, requires public hospitals, primary health care organizations, Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) and Long Term Care homes to create a Quality Improvement Plan that is sent to Health Quality Ontario (HQO) and the respective Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) and posted to the Organizations Internet site annually on April 1st.

It is a public document that addresses how the organization will improve the quality of care it provides to its patients. The QIP sets out the organization’s specific quality priorities and targets that reflect the province’s priorities as well as relevant local quality issues. For each of the quality priorities, focused improvement initiatives are identified with process and outcome measures to provide better quality of care for our patients.

HSN’s Quality Improvement Plan is approved by the Quality Committee of the Board and the Board of Directors. To read more about HSN’s 2024-2025 Quality Improvement Plan and the 2023-2024 Progress Report (a review of last year’s improvements and opportunities), please click the following links:

QIP 2024-2025 Workplan

Progress Report 2023-2024


Health Sciences North has a strong commitment to patient safety and quality improvement. Furthering our efforts to provide the best patient care, we post our surgical wait times and results from the NRC Health Patient Satisfaction Survey used by most hospitals in Canada.

Please visit to obtain Health Sciences North data on wait times.

Please visit Health Quality Ontario to view patient/family experience indicators and data for Health Sciences North.

Please visit the Canadian Institute for Health Information site (CIHI) for HSN performance and comparison data on access, safety and effectiveness.


At Health Sciences North, we believe in providing the best quality care to our patients. We strive to achieve the highest standards of care by focusing on continuous quality improvement work. The Accreditation process allows us to measure our care standards against world-class standards. This process is an essential part of ensuring that the care that HSN provides to patients meets or exceeds national standards and encourages continuous improvement.

The accreditation standards involve everyone at HSN, from our board of directors to frontline staff.  The standards also involve members of the community, including patients and families and community partners.

Why does accreditation matter to patients and families?  Simply put, accreditation:

  • Improves patient safety
  • Prioritizes quality improvement activities
  • Creates a culture of quality and safety for our patients

Every four years, our hospital undergoes an intensive evaluation process.  Accreditation Canada, an independent organization that sets standards for quality and safety in health care and accredits health organization in Canada and around the world, assesses our services and compares them to standards of excellence. It allows organizations such as HSN, understand how to make better use of their resources, increase efficiency, enhance quality and safety, and reduce risk.

We are thrilled to share that HSN has been Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada.

This is the first time in our history of participating in Accreditation Canada surveys that we have achieved this result and is a direct reflection of the exemplary people who work at Health Sciences North.

The Accreditation Surveyors frequently commented about how impressed they were with our teams. Even in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic, high occupancy and staffing shortages, surveyors noted that everyone at HSN has shown their commitment to providing safe, quality care and services for patients and families from across Northeastern Ontario.

Read the complete 2023 Accreditation Canada report.

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