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Happy Volunteer Week! Meet Kendra Hurley

Happy Volunteer Week! Meet Kendra Hurley

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Kendra spends her days volunteering at HSN. In the mornings, she completes co-op hours by checking on former patients who've gone home after surgeries, her afternoons are spent reading and engaging with patients at their bedside to help them through their recovery, and on the weekends she helps out in the busy Emergency Department.


Kendra began volunteering in September of 2023, and her goal is to inspire people to spare some time to brighten the lives of strangers who need support and encouragement during a difficult journey.


“My favourite part of volunteering is spreading joy and compassion. Every time I enter HSN to begin my shifts, I can't help but smile since I get to brighten peoples' days and spread happiness. It always makes my day to see patients eager to complete tasks and beaming with genuine happiness; this is why I love devoting my time to volunteering. I'm hopeful my work will help me to reach my goal to inspire patients to continue to have perseverance, confidence and resilience all throughout their recoveries.”


Today and every day, we are grateful for volunteers like Kendra who help contribute to making HSN a safe and welcoming place for our patients and their families. Happy Volunteer Week!