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Happy Volunteer Week! Meet Samantha Kuula

Happy Volunteer Week! Meet Samantha Kuula

Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Samantha’s journey as a volunteer began in 2020 after experiencing gaps in her own care. She decided to get involved by becoming a volunteer Patient and Family Advisor to share her voice and help improve the patient experience at HSN. Now also the Vice Chair of the Northern Cancer Foundation Board of Directors, she continues to share her knowledge to better care in our community.


“Great communities are built by great people, and that means spending time and expertise to support your neighbours. Every story that I hear come from HSN is motivation, either motivation to keep doing what we are doing, or motivation to improve. Like many other volunteers, I am a busy parent but these organizations give me the flexibility to be a volunteer without sacrificing too much family time. It is also important for me to set an example for my children and helps them learn empathy and appreciation. I am extremely proud to be part of a team that phenomenally gifted, and committed to improved health care, improved processes, and improved outcomes for patients.”


Today and every day, we are grateful for volunteers like Samantha who help contribute to making HSN a safe and welcoming place for our patients and their families. Happy Volunteer Week!