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Picture of Lyse-Anne Papineau

Lyse-Anne Papineau 

LYSE-ANNE PAPINEAU has been Director of Education and Secretary-Treasurer of the New Ontario Catholic School Board (Council) since January 2008, having recently retired. She worked in education for 31 years, having held the positions of intermediate and high school Teacher, Pedagogical Advisor, School Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent of Education and Associate Director.  

During these years, as Director of Education, she served on various regional and provincial committees, including the following: Conseil ontarien des directions de l’éducation de langue française (CODELF) – President, 2018-2019; Conseil ontarien des directions de l’éducation catholique de langue française (CODEC) – President, 2010-2014; Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) – Member; Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques (CFORP) – Member, Board of Directors; Table scolaire – President, 2010-2015; Office provincial de l’éducation de la foi catholique de l’Ontario (OPÉCO) – Member of the School Table of General States; United Way Sudbury and District – Chair of the 2019 campaign and Outgoing President of the 2010 campaign; Partners for Children and Youth (now the Sudbury Leadership Committee) – Co-chair 2017 and 2018; and Education Research Development and Innovation (ERDI) – Member.

At the regional level, she has served on various working and collaboration committees, including the Mayor's Roundtable, Partners for Children and Youth. At the provincial level, she has served on the central bargaining tables of various unionized groups since 2008 and has concluded the terms and conditions of employment of the Board's non-unionized groups. She has also led two ambitious multi-year strategic plans, including 2012-2017 and 2018-2023. At the international level, she has established two partnership agreements in international Catholic education with Belgium and France. 

Over the years, Lyse-Anne has developed professional expertise in several areas including pedagogy,    strategic planning, data management, evaluation and measurement, and the implementation of learning communications. Her commitment to student well-being and success is reflected in all administrative and educational decisions.

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