Protection of Personal Health Information

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We care about your privacy at Health Sciences North. When it comes to using, collecting and disclosing your personal health information, we follow the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 to make sure that your information is kept private, confidential and secure. There are times when the law wants us, or allows us, to give out the information to others. Please be assured that your personal health information is shared in the health system only when it is necessary to provide care for you. Health Sciences North takes the necessary steps to protect your personal health information – it is our commitment to our patients.

Privacy Principles

The Personal Health Information Protection act, 2004 is based on 10 privacy principles:

  1. Accountability for Personal Health Information
    Health Sciences North is responsible for the personal information of its patients, and has a Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) to monitor and manage confidentiality and privacy issues.

  2. Identifying Purposes for the Collection of Personal Health Information
    Before, or at the time personal health information is collected, Health Sciences North informs individuals of the purposes for which the information is to be used. The Act allows the use of notices to bring the purposes of collection, use and disclosure to the attention of patients.

  3. Obtaining Consent for the Collection, Use, or Disclosure of Personal Health Information
    The knowledge and consent of individuals are required before information can be collected, used, or disclosed. Consent can be implied or express.

  4. Limiting Collection of Personal Health Information
    Health Sciences North limits the collection of personal information, so that individuals are only asked what is necessary.

  5. Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention of Personal Health Information
    Personal health information will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it is collected, except with the consent of the individuals or as required by law. The information is kept only as long as it is needed.

  6. Ensuring Accuracy of Personal Health Information
    Health Sciences North ensures personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date for the purposes it is used. 

  7. Ensuring Safeguards for Personal Health Information
    Health Sciences North has appropriate safety measures to protect personal information.

  8. Openness Concerning Policies and Practices
    Information about Health Sciences North personal information policies and practices is available to everyone.
  9. Access to Personal Health Information
    Individuals are entitled to request access to and correction of their own personal health information as provided for under Sections 52-55 of the Act subject to certain exceptions.

  10. Challenging Compliance
    Individuals with concerns relating to privacy at Health Sciences North can address challenges to the CPO or to the Information & Privacy Commissioner